2004 > ongoing

(little shell, noodle)
With the Bulle 6 Coques house by Jean Benjamin Maneval (1968).

Statement: as pre-existing form, The "Bulle 6 Coques" is perfect, it has answer to everything, it always has answer to everything, it's formal solution well beyond its original function. Its concept remains in migration, 30 years, 60 years later, highway, gasoline price, rental agency for lift trucks. As Althusser said, one does not abandon a concept like a dog. Or a mussel : It is perfect. It has flowed into the mold of society (Broodthaers).

Between 2006 and 2009, the Bulle 6 Coques temporary has become a swimming pool, a theater and a sheepfold, in Nantes, Sèvres and Bourges (F). Each time, the fixtures gave rise to a series of little events, happening in the periphery.

After five years of research, where i kept using and damaging further the almost wrecked module i acquired in 2004, i gave to its formless and metamorphical inhabitant the name of Coquillette. A naked worm in an apple. At Galerie Birgit Ostermeier, Coquillette replays the construction process of Berlin's Television Tower. In the bubble on top, my voice resonates like in a bathroom. I try to give a phone call to my mom, no answer, then i start singing Long Song for Zelda, by Dashiell Hedayat (1971).


Point Ephémère, Paris, 2005
Emmetrop, Bourges, 2007
Estuaire Biennal, Le lieu Unique, Nantes, 2009
La Générale, Sèvres, 2010
Galerie Birgit Ostermeier, Berlin, 2011