(in french little shell, noodle)
2004 > ongoing

Bulle 6 Coques house by Jean Benjamin Maneval (1968).

As is exists, the Bulle 6 Coques is perfect.

It became a bath, then later a theater, then and a sheepfold, in Nantes, Sèvres and Bourges, France. Each time, the fixtures gave rise to a series of events, happening in the periphery.

After five years of using and damaging further the almost wrecked module, I gave to its formless inhabitant the name of Coquillette. (little shell, little noodle) A naked worm in an apple.

At Galerie Birgit Ostermeier, Coquillette reenacts the construction process of the Berliner Fernsehturm (1965-69). In the bubble on top, my voice resonates like inside a bathroom. From there, I call my mom on the phone, no answer. Then I start singing Long Song for Zelda, by Dashiell Hedayat (1971).


Point Ephémère, Paris, 2005
Emmetrop, Bourges, 2007
Estuaire Biennal, Le lieu Unique, Nantes, 2009
La Générale, Sèvres, 2010
Galerie Birgit Ostermeier, Berlin, 2011