Street Mattresses
marker on discarded matrasses

I use mattresses which I find on the street to draw urban landscapes. Those drawings are made on the same sites where I find the mattresses. It can also be a sofa, a bedspread or a cushion. They're ready made. And such is the emotional charge, the visual in them.
I use a marker to underline the patterns of stitching and embroidery, I integrate the holes and stains. Those inter-dimensional patterns help me to transfer directly parts of the urban area on the mattress.
The stench, the filth, all those marks of entropy doesn't bother me. On the contrary, I find it quite invigorating to work nearby.

Ville en abîme - Hôtel Charleroi, Galerie V2, Charleroi, 2012

Ping Pong, Gleiwitz Oschatz Studio, Berlin, 2014