Giant Formats
Photoshop, variable size

The world tallest women and men are always pictured with another person on their side. Be it a parent, a doctor, or even a dwarf. Of course, this kind of arrangement has a purpose : it's supposed to help us to realise something. But what exactly are we supposed to realise?

If one shrinks the giant with Photoshop, it will leave a white rectangle sitting on top of his head : an empty window.

Giants are shown as deformed, distorted bodies. I just use Photoshop to address this misconception.

This mysterious white rectangle, that appears at the end of the process, it belongs to mister giant. It's the giant's silent thinking, a feeling of loneliness made obvious, an open window to the giant's space time dimension : his esoteric source of power.

Thanks for curing me, says mister giant to the normal man, as they shake hands. And where the normal man was supposed to meet the giant's eyes is now a white rectangle. A healing patch.