Aluminium foil

Ping Pong, Gleiwitz Osschatz Studio, Berlin, 2014

For all his life, Bruce has worked as a neon maker. Since his retirement he is getting bored. Out of idleness he starts to compress mechanically aluminium foils in between his fingers, in order to create ersatz neon tubes.
Indeed compressed aluminium can be modelled and shaped just like a tube of molten glass. There's no need for any plans or drawings, this is an intuitive technique. Bruce sometimes shapes those tubes while watching tv.
Soon after his first series, he started to number them, remembering the exact order in which he had created them.
For all his life, working as a neon maker, Bruce's role was to make other people's words bright and distinct. Now he has found a new medium, a way to express himself. And yet his thoughts are swallowed into those shapes and his discourse is trapped into an interior monologue. And as those interior non-structured monologue have unfinished sentences, such are those substitute for neon tubes : unfinished.
He decided to number the first ones from one to ten. He started with monochrome tubes but quickly found a way to make them two-coloured.